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Did you know that the Insurance Industry is a trillion dollar industry?

Wynn Network Associates is eager to help you get a piece of that trillion dollar pie!

Because we are dedicated to helping you accomplish your goals, we offer higher compensation plans, exclusive

lead programs, in depth training, innovative marketing tools and more!!

It does not matter if you are currently licensed or unlicensed; whether you want to work full-time or part-time or

even if you want to work in the field or from your home...WE ARE HERE TO HELP!!

The Affordable Care Act, also know as Obamacare, has unlocked many doors for people from all walks of life. It was enacted in

March 2010 and is actually comprised of two separate pieces of legislation - The Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act and

the Health Care Education Act. In other words, this is not just a product that everyone needs.  It is a product

that everyone must have!!

Do we have your attention yet?

Let’s do some math….

Don’t have an insurance license? Here’s an example what you can do as an affiliate

with Wynn Network Associates:

Earn up to $10 per qualified referral

Refer x 5 referrals a day

x 7 days a week

 x 4 times a month

= $1,400/month

 What could YOU do with an extra $1,400 a month?

Don’t have an insurance license? Here’s an example what you can do as an agent

with Wynn Network Associates:

We earn an average of $315 per policy

Write x 2 policies a day

x 5 days a week

x 4 times month

= $12,600/month

What could you do with an $12,000+ a month

Would you like to become a licensed agent??

Ask about our “earn while you learn” program!!

The possibilities are endless!!

Stay at home parents? Work from home

Have a busy schedule? Set your own hours

No experience? We’ve got an easy to learn system

Need sales support? Enjoy extensive training and marketing tools

Have children? Leave a legacy for your family

Become a healthcare advocate for your community and earn additional income while doing it!!!

It’s a Wynn-Win!!




Competitive Pay

  •  6-8% Commissions
  •  Flexible Pay
  •  Overrides
  •  Bonus Incentives

Exclusive Lead Programs

  •  Live Transfers
  •  Telemarketed Leads
  •  On-site Leads
  •  Internet Leads

Innovative Sales Tools

  •  Customized Marketing
  •  Replicated Websites
  •  Corporate E-mails
  •  CRM System

Advanced Infrastructure

  •  Competitive Products
  •  In-Depth Training
  •  Telesales
  •  Agency Opportunities

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DISCLAIMER: The income scenarios depicted in this video are NOT a guarantee of the income that you will earn with Wynn Network Associates. Each scenario is based off the level of compensation and production of the subject agent or affiliate. As an ACA agent you are paid ''as earned.'' The $315 in this video represents the total commission that an agent was paid for a health insurance policy that was written. This amount is based off a percentage of the clients's annualized premium and was broken down into 12 monthly payments for as long as

the client continued to pay monthly premiums. For this particular policy, the agent earned $26.25/mth for each month that the client remained a subscriber for the first 12 months.